tiistai 26. elokuuta 2014


My name is Aki Jokinen I’m 18y.o. and I’m double degree student in Omnia vocational school and Espoo Adults upper secondary school. I work along my school in ‘’PEPPER & STEAK BY LÅNGVIK’’ and I play football, so I have pretty busy life. I love to have fun with my friends, go out and party and stuff like that.

My Instagram account is akijokinen and I put link in to it here below!


Hi! My name is Daniel Vuolle and I’m 20 years old. I live in Espoo, Finland with my girlfriend. I’m studying to be a cook, and this is my third and last year in school. I really don’t do much in my free time, just hanging out with my buddies, playing some sports outside and inside :D.
My working experience about restaurant business isn’t much, but I’m really eager to learn more ‘bout it.
I’ve been working in two different places for one year total. I have done a la carte, catering and lunch.

Hello! My name is Niko Junni i am 19 years old im studying in vocational college named Omnia lakelankatu in espoo to be a cook. I am last year student im going to graduate 2014 December. I live in helsinki Finland. I am athletic , confident , happy , open-minded and social person who wants to meet new people from all-around the world. I love my job and I take it seriously. My dream is to learn and gain experience from different food cultures and people.


Hi, my name is Jesse Ojanen, I’m 19 years old and I live in Espoo. I’m last year student at Omnia vocational school where I study to become a cook. I’ve graduated from high school. I’ve worked in couple of restaurants, mostly in industrial kitchens or in restaurangs which serve lunch. My hobbies are riding, agility and jogging. I also play volleyball in amateur team which we have set up with my neighbours. I’m hard working and I want to learn new things as much as possible. At first I might be quiet but when I get acquainted with somebody I’m very talkative.


Hej, jag heter Jesse Ojanen. Jag är 19 år gammal och bor i Esbo. Just nu studerar jag min sista året i Omnia yrkeskola föt att bli en kock. Jag har också tagit studenten. Jag har jobbat på några restauranger, det mesta på industriala köken och på restauranger som serverar lunch. Mina hobbier är ridning, agility och jogging. Jag spelar också lite volleyball i amateur laget. Vi har grundat vårt lag med mina grannar. Jag är flitig jobbare och vill gärna lär mig mycket nya saker. Först kan jag vara lite blyg men efter en kort tid är jag mycket pratsam.

tiistai 19. elokuuta 2014


Hello everyone! 

My name is Mikael Sundberg and I’m studying to be a chef and I also study in upper secondary school at the same time. I have been workplacement among other things in Bistro O Mat restaurant which is top-10 À la carte restaurant in Finland. I like to be in heat side in kitchen and I’m in our school “mobile student” project where I do videos and write blog about how well my works are going by my Ipad, but unfortunately they are in finnish.

 I’ll try to do some video in English! I’m social and I love to get to know on new people. You can also find me in youtube by name Mikirotta. Jag kan talar lite svenks, men endast lite :D Jag bor i Kyrkslätt och jag är 18 år gammal. Jag har ett tvillingsbror och ett storbror. Jag har inget hobbyer men jag gå på gym på min fritiden. Du kan utforska på mig så du kan lära mera av mig. :’)

I could not send here any pics of me so here's link to my Instagram website where i post pictures of me and my life, I'll hope you enjoy it


And here's instagram account where i post mostly pics of food.