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Arrival 27.10  

So, today we arrived to Eskilstuna. I left home at 04:20 and came to airport 05:00 as told. I was pretty tired 'cause i didn't get any sleep. Suprise suprise... But flight went well, and trip to our hotel was long and exhausting. When we got our key to room we went to unpack and reorganise our room.

When we got our room ready we head to eat. Local school had made us lunch, it was pretty delisious. After we get ourself full of that delisious food, local teacher showed us some places. And she also told us important information.

Then, we head to see our workplacements, it was really boring to walk around the city and see others workplacements, but then when we got in to my workplacement it was exiting. The place was fine, pretty classy, just what I want. But yeah, after all I had a great day and also look very much forvard this next two months!


Long waited first workday is now done. Whole day was pretty much what I wanted from it. Collages spoke to me and showed examples when I wasn't sure what to exactly do. And also all the other staff in hotel was nice to me and discussed different kind of things during the day.

What I was surprised of, is that there was this 200 pax order, and they took me with them to build the portions. It was very positive surprise. During this day, I mostly chopped different vegetables and stuff like that, but they also let me do much harder things too. For example I fried fish and as I before said build portions. After first day, I am impressed about my workplace.


Today I had again, a very good day. They let me do kid's menus  bolognese from the beginning to the end, And I managed it well, the result was delicious. And so taught everybody else too. Succeeding in first food you make, feels awesome.

Today I also noticed that the work group is really really great. For example the chef understood that on friday, when I have some school stuff to do in the evening and I said abot it to him, he just said that ''Ok, you can come to morning shift then'' and thats it. It wasn't a big deal, but the way he reacted when I at the very first week start to change my working times, wasn't negative at all.

Two first days at work has been really great, and I think it will stay that way!¨


Third day was different. In my workplace we have kind of three different kitchens. There is Bup Bishop Arms's kitchen, hotels restaurant Y'won's kitchen and Havet's kitchen, but them all ar in same room. So two first days I prepared every kind of things to those all, but today I was in Bishop Arms kitchen, making á la carte dishes. It was different than those two days, but almost identical with my job back in Finland. So it was pretty familiar for me, of course the food had a bit different contains but the work it self was same. It was fun, but 'cause I'm here to learn everything new and interesting it wasn't so fun as it could be, but the guy who I was working with was nice and talked pretty good english the day flew in wings. And i should also mention that today was my first evening shift. I was at work from 14 to 21, and other days I was at 8-15. So, the day was after all thinking nice, and I learned still couple of new things. For example how to make cauliflower pyré. Mums!


Today was pretty normal day, I pealed vegetables and helped everyone at laying dishes and stuff like that. But i did one thing that i haven't done there before, I prefabricated Fish and Chip portions fish. It was pretty interesting 'couse I have never deep- fried fish. So I had these fish fillets and first I floured one, then I dipped it to beer dough and deep- fried it. I didn't get to taste it, but I think it was pretty tasty.
After work, we had a great time. We went to bowling with local Swedish youths. It was great!

01.11 and 02.11

The first weekend in here. It was great, at saturday we were just chilling the day, and in evening we went to bar have a couple beers. So basic stuff after work week, just relaxing. At sunday I slept as long as I had sleep, ate breakfast watched movies and took easy all day. And I went early to sleep 'couse I had morning shift at monday.


Morning shifts at monday, always the same. Even you went early to bed yesterday, you'll still be tired. But the day was still pretty great, I did all my jobs that I had for the day, and thats why i got out from work like 20 minutes early. I made some curry-apple mayonnaise, and I think i managed it well. It was tasty and smooth.

We had also 130 people lunch, served in plates. The plate was mash, minced meat steak, cowberry's some beans and redwine sauce. I made also one for my self for lunch, and I think that the mash was almost the best mash I have ever had, it was amazing! I didn't even  know that mash can be that good, and when you have a great minced meat steak and red wine sauce with it it was so great.


These days has all been once again been great. Pretty similar as all days at the work. Some preparing, some layouts, but some different servings and some normal stuff. I also had on Saturday my first weekend shift. That was different from others. I took care of (with help) the starters/desserts workstation. I layout some cinnamon brúlee, some icecream servings, garlic breads, shrimp sandwiches and some more. The day it self was fun and quite busy. But doing layouts all day is much more fun than chopping and pealing whole day. So, still after coulpe of weeks, I like my place, and I thank my teacher that she has decided to place me there! Place fits me almost perfectly and I have fun while working there.

10.11, 11.11

These days was both kind of same, preparing and stuff like that. But, how ever both of them was also evening-shifts, so I was each day a bit in warm side and in cold side, so I was with them in a hurry, ofcourse it was Monday and Tuesday so it was not so much hurry, but there was some times when the bong-machine just kept singing. But still, it doesn't matter that all days are so much similar, I still have great time at work!


So, all the days this far has been much similar, well so was this also, but it was also a lot different. I personally took care of 16 persons order, with 2 course menú, starter, and head course. starter, was creamy hummer- soup and head course was char, with potato- cauliflower pyréé, some vegetables, as carrot and sugars snaps and broccoli, and last but not least white wine sauce, witch by the way was awesome! And costumers did also like it, day after i got some feedback that they had said that it was delicious. That, was so great to hear, because I taught that i didn't get my best result there 'cause I was busy, And that was my own bad, 'cause i didn't plan whole thing enough, but now I know that I should plan everything the day before, and then do it without any stress or excitement. But costumers liked it so that's the head point. So, after all I'm pleased to my outcome.

13.11, 14.11

And then again back to the really normal work, Thursday I was in evening shift, Nothing different, most of day I was in warm side, did some burgers and pastas and entréco- steaks, helped others in something what they needed help with, prep. a la carté dishes and laied out some desserts. At Friday, I was in morning shift, I was at same time workin as miku, and it was his job to raise lunch. So, what I did then, well preparing evening things and put the load contained in their proper places. That's pretty much it, lazy day, but still, it was great!


I had weekend off and then Monday. Tuesday, Wednesday morning shifts, and Thursday was evening shift. At weekend i didn't do much anything, just chilling at hotel and going out with friends stuff like that. At morning shifts, I did some sandwiches to buttery , preconditioned some stuff for evening workers and that is pretty much it. At evening, I was at warm side doing doses and also at cold side doing starters and desserts. At Thursday, on cook told me that I really should enjoy my weekend off because next weeks Tuesday starts Christmas table, and there is 15 d5ifferent foods in it, so, it will get very busy next week. And that is something that I am really looking forward to!


At Friday, we had this Stockholm day. Local schools students took us to Stockholm do some shopping and stuff like that, that day was awesome. Me my self, am huge fan of big cities, so I loved Stockholm really much. I have been there for many times but now I had like whole day there doing what ever I want, so I shopped. I didn't really buy much anything but it was nice just walk there and look everything cool. I went to eat to this restaurant called ''PIAZZA'' and I ate a pizza. It was a really good pizza, it was cooked in stone oven, and the ingredients was fresh and tasty.

For rest of weekend I just took relax. I ate well and watched some movies. In Saturday evening we went to have couple of drinks and then I came to hotel and slept long time. So now I have had a lot of rest and I am ready for Christmas tables business.


So, on 26th day i was at school's kitchen making lunch for school's restaurants customers, so mostly teatchers. It was pretty nice after all, well everytime that you go to new kitchen all is bit hard, 'cause you do not know where anything is and where is what. But I managet it well with Jesse. Our menu was duck- breast and duche- potatoes with orange-souse. As much as I tasted it, it was really tasty and our teacher gave us some compliments also. Nothing actually went wrong and we didn't get any food back to kitchen, that was good.

The rest of days I was normally working in Elite. We started our chritsmes table at thursday, it was, mmh, a bit hurry, with a lot of orders next to it and all else kind of stuff to do. It went well I think. I mostly did the lunches, and when I had any free time I went to help with the table. One lunch was a bit over 200 people (I think, but it was alot) and I made all the food to it, it was mash and this minced meat hamburger, it had its own name but i can't remember it. And then there was melted butter lingonberrys and peas. It was quite good and i got good compliments about it. Friday was exactly same kind of day as Thursday.

We had a free weekend 'cause our parents came here meet us, they were here only couple hours at Saturday, but it was still good see them. We went to eat and well thats almost it. It was fun. Sunday was just chilling day.


We have moved to December! Time flies... 19 days left... Just a minute ago it was still 54. But yeah, Monday... always the same, working at morning shift, wakeing is hard but it is have to. At work waited a big amount of veges waiting to be cuted, for tomorrows 300 pax lunch, that took almost whole morning, then I was at warm side doing lunch for Y-WON, and well thats pretty much it. When I got out of work I hurryed to hotel to pack my things up and headed to trainstation, took a train to Stockholm. Actually right now I am sitting in train, and the reason we're going there, is that we (Me and Mikael) are going to work in Finland's embassy here in Sweden! I really look forward to it and it is really amazing that our teacher has been able to get us there!


Today, was my first day at ambassadors kitchen. I am here to take care of his independence day party's food part. Which are at 04.12, 'cause ambassadors have to be in Finland at actual independense day.

We prepered the dessert to almost done, it is rom and coffee tasting chocolate-oat balls with coconut kibble on top. We made over 800 of those today, tomorrow we will put the coconut on top and then it is done. We also made starters, different kind of cheese cubes and olives. We had to cut, a lot, of cheese, it was pretty exhausting, but it went fast with making jokes and having fun at same time!

After all, the difference between this kitchen and the other one where I work is that, well fysically the kitchen is much smaller. But the biggest difference is at cleaning. In Elite, we just make a lot great food and fast, with a bit messy of course, but here well we also make a lot food but not quite as much but the cleanity is in whole other level. It can be 'cause chef, or just habit, or that it is so much smaller kitchen. Any how, both ar clean and hygienic, but here its all rhe time clean si there is not so much after cleaning, but at Elite we clean all after, I personally do not know wich is better, both are good ways!

After first day, I think, that this is awesome! The chef is great guy and we have fun at kitchen. And it is also plus side, that the kitchen were we work, is like two stairs down from here, so not so far. I really look forward tomorrow and next days.

03 and 04.12

On Wednsday we had quite similar day as Thuesday. We prepeard almost all the things we had on the menu. Chocolte- oat balls we made ready, so we didn't have to do it today(Thursday).
We cuted smoked duck breast and Finnish squeaky cheese. Of both we made like 750 portions. So, it took a while, almos whole day.

Today, Thursday is the big day. At morning we went to kitchen put all contains together so we have all ready to go. Now, we have couple hours to rest and 15:00 back to kitchen do the last preparations and then we start action. Party's are between 16-20 O'clock. We'll see what that brings with it. But I think everything goes perfectly!
So we got back to kitchen and we started to check that everything is ok, and well, everything was ok, so we just waited one hour in kitchen that the guests started coming. When they did, I went to a smaller kitchen upstairs. The food, was more like snacks and desserts, what waiters served in trays. So my job was to put the foods in to trays and make them look good, it was really easy, but fun. A bit boring sometimes 'cause there were nothing happening. But most of waiters spoke Finnish, so it was nice to speak with them with own language, for a while.

But after all thinking, this has been a very great experiense for me and my carrier.


Friday when we got back, I went to work at 14:00. And I left around 02:00. Yeah, quite long day, but anyhow, it was nice. I mostly did christmas table and run downstairs whole the time to do more of something. And when the christmas table ended we had to make a new one for tomorrow of course. And that was that, what took time. And, exactly same thing Saturday, but we finished a bit earlyer 'cause Sundays table was not so big. Sunday was off. Monday and Tuesday was kind of same lunch prepping and laying dishes.


These all have been exactly same kind of days. Except 3 of them was skill demonstration days. But also those days was same, but I did more by myself and others just helped me when it was needed. These days went well, and you can also see it from my grade, 3, the best that can get!

 So every day I prepared all kind of stuff to everywhere and then i moved to both of warm sides and also to cold side. It was fun and sometimes also quite busy. but after all very great. Today (17 st.) I had my last workday tomorrow we have 'goodbye' coffee at 15:00 and after that I pack my stuff and on Friday back to Finland! Can't explain how much I look forward to see my friends after 2 months!

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  2. Hi, it sounds you are having awesome time. Remember to put an Instagram tag on top of the page so that people can see your photos. Continue the great work!!!

  3. Hej Aki! Hur är läget? Du verkar trivas bra på jobbet, vad roligt! Hur går det med svenskan? Talar du svenska på jobbet? Ha det bra även i fortsättningen! Hälsningar, Minna