Mathias Volk

Our First day in Eskilstuna was really nice. Today we go first to the school  and eat lunch. After that we go to the hotell and then we go watch our workplacements.
I wait really excited about tomorrow.

I started work at 8.00 am. Went to work and there was waiting for me to cook in Daniel. He showed me the Place first, and then I went to change my clothes. When I came into the kitchen then I started to do the work. First, I cut the lettuce, cucumber, tomato and paprika to salad of the day. Then I started to cut the celery root, parsnips, carrots and swede which became a side dish of lunch. When lunch started so I was wondering how much responsibility as soon as I got ... I was the one who Yell the orders and then I finished the portions.
 in the kitchen we have  3 people. That's the day went by really fast.
  After work I went to the hotel to shower so I went and enjoyed myself, . In the evening, the Swedish exchange students who come to Finland took us to the center of Esilstunan light show. After that we went to the city and we went back to the hotel. When we got to the hotel we had a basic to a meeting.

I went to work 8.00. When I go to the kitchen so I had been there some breakfast. We ate breakfast with the Team together. After that, then i cut again a carrot, swede, celeriac, plarsnip. Once they were cut season them. I put the salt, pepper, honey and rosemary. When I started I was fried roast meat (Kasler).
  When the meat was ready i put the meat in the oven . Since then, the choir of garlic which I did, then the garlic paste, When was done so I did cesar dressingbasic cesar salad dressing, which must, therefore, mayonnaise, garlic and anchovies.then i make the aioli which is, therefore, mayonnaise and garlic.
  When the sauce was made ​​as grated lime peel and lime juice added, to some of the sauce.
  then i makehamburger steaks.
  After work I came to the hotel and I have been here the whole night in the hotel. We're going to eat today Jesse's place of work which is Jernberghska. Then back to the hotel, but for the.


Monday was the only day this week when I was in the evening. I went to work and I changed clothes. take a look at what we had for lunch. We had lunch vegetarian pasta with a sauce of spinach, chili pepper and almond. white fish with vegetables (turnip, carrot, parsnip, celeriac), and white wine sauce. main course: meat steak potatoes and red wine sauce.
I immediately started to disaggregate all the vegetables. and marinating them with honey rosemary and put, then in the oven. after I made pasta sauce. Then I started to preperation for the evening, I began to make krokets. when lunch,  started i make the dishes out.
End of the week I was in the evening shift was all pretty much same. I go  15.00 and 22.00 finish.
I go to work I start cutting the meat and then marinating them with lime and thyme. after I made 3 different pinchos. became one of the blue cheese walnut, another chili aioli and parma ham and fresh chees and zuchioni. then take care of dishies little time. When Ala Carte started so I was on the cold side, or desserts. The work day ended with the cooking and clean-up.

monday (12/11/2014) I went to the 8:00 I went to see what we had lunch meat boiled in brine and potatoes, shrimp wrapped in fish and mashed potatoes, and vegetable lasange.
I started to break down the same road greens (turnip, parsnip, carrots, celeriac,), then I started to roll the fish shrimp in between. After that I made mashed potatoes. After lunch, I was the one who started the dishes out. The time went  so fast.

On Tuesday (25/11/2014), I went to night I started with cesar dressing. After that I cut to do  danny parsnip onion garlic and carrots he was doing something sauce.
Then i but moon pieces and put them in the oven. I had to look after the counter has dishis. 

monday 11/10/2014
I went to work morning I began to immediately break down the engridians salad with cucumber, tomato peppers, . After that the salad dressig. after that I started to make pasta sauce which was cream of spinach and chili almonds. Then I started to preparitiom evening for marinating meats cut the sweet potatoes. Lunch was busy.

26/11/2014 (Wednesday)
I went to the 8:00 I was a display of the day. First of all, I started taking the meat out of the oven which had over night.
After that I took the meat out of the kit and I took the broth recovered. When it was finished so I started to roll the fish and make the aioli.
I started to make  mashed potatoes, then I started to make 80 truffle balls. They went a little lunch time so it began. I was again putting dishes out.
Lunch was pretty quiet took about 30 servings so we had time in between shining corn-fed chicken.
Then take care of dishis. Oona came to my place of work and the Evaluation I got 3 which is the best.

11.11.2014- 11.14.2014
All of these four days were just same evening I went to start always made by the potato croquettes Chicken dose then bake the chickens and put owen I put my workplace, therefore, I served as a start this week and dessert responsible for Tuesday was pretty quiet day. Wednesday was really busy, we went abaut 135 doses of the received pulse, but I remained very involved. On Thursday, the average daily dose of about 80. And Friday was a busy time for about 114 doses.


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  2. Tjena Mathias! Hur är läget? Hoppas att du trivs bra på jobbet. Hur går det med svenskan? Har du lärt dig något nytt? Ha det bra! Hälsningar, Minna