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First day in Eskilstuna

We had our flight today to Eskilstuna, Sweden and it was fun but a little bit tiring, I would say. I woke up around 3:30 in the morning and head to the airport at about 4:20. Our flight went well. When we arrived at the Stockholm Arland airport, we rode a bus to Stockholm and from there we rode a train to Eskilstuna. We ate lunch at the school and the students there prepared some good food  for us. After that we went around Eskilstuna. We was able to visit my working place and I think It's a  nice place. I'm looking forward to working there tomorrow and I hope that  I will have fun and learn a lot of things there. This day was long and tiring but we had a great time. :)

First day at work

So today was my first day working at a restaurant called Tingsgården. I came to work at 8:30, changed clothes and started working. They have a salad buffet there so I started with that. I prepared everything for the salad buffet. I cut vegetables, lettuce, etc. I also made coleslaw. When everything was ready, we were just waiting if somebody orders and we will start plating the food. For today's menu, there was mashed potatoes and white fish filled with kapris topped lobster sauce and the other choice was fried potatoes with sausage filled with greek aubergine salad, bacon, and some cheese with mustard sauce. I made some pasta portions. It has creamy pasta sauce with meat and mushrooms. We washed the dishes time by time if we have nothing to do. And in the afternoon, Luis, the guy that we are working with left so we were able to prepare the foods all by ourselves. We went home around  3 o'clock. Today was fun and Luis seems so nice. :)

I will put some pictures on my instagram. You can check it HERE.


I had a nice day at work today. In the morning, I checked if everything's fine with the salad buffet.

 After that I started to make double-breaded cod fish and also fried them. I learned breading techniques and how to fry them nicely. The cod fish was served with potatoes, lemon and dill sauce. We also has beef stroganoff with some rice.

 Our teacher visited us there to sign some papers and talk about things that we have to do or learn.

 We also talked about that on Saturday, there's gonna be wedding there, so we are welcome to see how it works and prepare food for a lot of people. Luis said that the restaurant is gonna be full and busy so, I'm excited to see how will it work on a small kitchen and what I can learn from it. And in the evening, we Went to out to eat dinner with the group. :)


Our working hours was changed. Starting today we will go to work at 9 o'clock. Lucky us. Haha. Anyway, today wasn't so busy. We just had about morethan 20 portions.

In my 3 days of working there, I had a routine that every morning I will make the salad buffet. Plus the bread, margarine and everything. I cut vegetables, lemon etc. After that, I helped in putting the portions. And while we are waiting for the orders or if we have nothing to do I just wash the dishes and do some stuff.

I wasn't able to take pictures from today, so sorry about that.


 Today I started with the salad buffet.

 After that I made italian tapernade, made of black olives, basil, olive oil and spices. Then we made some portions.

 It was kinda busy day and yeah, I also washed the dishes.

 After work, we went out bowling with the swedish students. And we had fun. :)


 Even though it's weekend today, we had work.

There's a booking for a wedding today so we were there helping the chefs layout the portions. It is really nice to experience those kind of things.

The kitchen was so busy, both hot and cold side.

And that also means, a lot of dishes to wash. Yey! (Not actually funny) Haha. It was tiring but other than that, today was a nice day.

And oh, we got free steak for dinner. So that's a plus. Haha :)


 Unlike before, now I am working  alone. Well of course the head chef is also there.
Today wasn't so busy. There was just a rotary which is about more than 20 persons and few customers. In the morning I made the salad buffet and put the bread in the oven.
I made salad portions, helped the chef layout the foods. I was also able to serve the food to the customers and I was just like "kött?" "fisk?" "tack!" "var så god!" after the lunch I helped the waitress to clean things up. I washed the dishes and that's how my day ended. It was fun though.


We had really quite day today. In the morning I made the salad buffet. Put the bread in to the oven. Did  some cream sauce and basic stuffs. We just had few guests. So it's quite boring but yeah, I survived the day. haha. We prepared some stuffs for tomorrow since I'm gonna be alone. Like really, without the head chef. So let's see will it turn out. He already explained everything to me, what to do and everything so I hope, everything will go smoothly. :)


So today I am expecting all exciting stuff. So I came in the morning, waited outside for about 30 minutes because there's no key, and the other chef, Mathias came to open the restaurant.  I knew that Luis, the head chef will not come today. Luckily Nikita, the other chef came to help me with the lunch. So I was prapering things up. boiling potatoes, put the meat in the oven, Everything is almost ready. BUT, the waitress wasn't able to come also so yeah, we had no choice but to close the restaurant for lunch. Mathias, the other chef was like, "yeah, I called Luis and he said, "tell Coleen she can go home and sleep"" So I put everything back, sauce, salad buffet, bread etc. I washed the dishes and left around 11 o'clock. So yeah, apparently, I have free day today. I went to the shop and bought some sushi for lunch. And now, I'm just chilling in the hotel.


 I went to work at 9 in the morning. As usual I started by preparing everything for the salad buffet. I cut some cucumbers, tomatoes, lettuce and some vagetable. After that I helped the head chef to prepare the lunch. For lunch, we had sausage filled with mushroom, bacon, and cheese it's served with fried potatoes and cream sauce. And we also have steamed cod fish with some paprika and carrots on top, it is served with boil potatoes,white wine sauce and lemon. Wasn't so busy in the restaurant today. We just had few guests. And oh, Lasse and Lisa, the Swedish teachers, dropped by at the restaurant to check things out. I had a good day. :)


It was a nice day at work. We were on the night shift and this day turn out well. First I cut some tomatoes that we will use for the platng. Then we made pepper sauce.

 I was mosty in the coldside of the kitchen preparing starters, salads and desserts. I was also helping on the hotside of the kitchen putting some sauce. For starter, we had garlic bread, some kind of shrimp with dark bread (I can't remembe what it's called), some bread with goat cheese and italian tapernade, etc. There was also "sea sallad". And for desserts chocolate cake with vanilla ice cream, truffles, ice cream portions. I like working on weekends because there's a lot of things to do and learn. So bad I still can't put Pictures here in the blog but I'll try to do something about it.


MONDAAAY!  In the morning I did the salad buffet. Then there's rotary who's also coming so I also prepared salad and bread for them.

I don't know what's with me this day but I just can't focus on what I was doing. I dropped the fish on the floor because it was so hot. I was so ashamed of myself  I almost cried. But then the head chef  talked to me and explained everything that I should be careful next time. He wasn't mad at all so I felt relieved. I cut some meat and pepper and made pasta sauce. I was making some salad portions today.

Then he left and I was the only one in the kitchen, laying out portions. I washed the dishes and cleaned up and left. It's still a nice day though.


I started with the salad buffet. Put the bread in the oven. I made double-breaded cod fish and fried them. After that, I started to do the Salmon thingy (I forgot to ask what it is exactly called) for the christmas table. Well basically I put mixed salt and sugar into every Salmon so that it will Cook it's self for about 4-5 day. We made 4 different kinds of it. The first one was the classic with dill. Then there's one with orange and lime and coriander, other one is with Juniper (katajanmarja) and gin and the last one was with rosepepper, orange juice and vodka. After that I just cleaned up and wash the dishes. It was a very nice day, I got to try new things. And hey, we finally figured out how to put pictures so yeah, so happy about that. :)


Today we went to the school to make the menu. We had salmon ceviche and cold smoked raindeer mousse for the starter. Then white fish with root and vagetable thingy and mushroom sauce on top for main course. And for dessert, sea buckthorn cheese cake. Today went well but it was kinda soft day.


It was a nice day at work today. In the morning I prepared the salad buffet. Then after that I help making the food for lunch. We made this dish called  "shoe maker box" which is a swedish dish that is served with mashed potatoes, red vine sauce with bacon and leek with it and a grilled beef. And the other choice was steamed salmon with rom sauce and lemon.  I chopped leek and bacon to go with the red vine sauce. Then after that I was laying out portions.


We're on the night shift today. They have this greek party at night so we prepared for it. There was a lot of people. We made greek salad, greek food, greek everything. Well ofcourse, it was a greek party. haha. We were so busy in the kitchen laying out dishes. And at the same time we are also making food for the other customers. after they eat we cleaned up. And they ask us to join the party so went and watch the party. haha. It was fun. I wasn't able to take a lot of pictures becauese wee were so busy but there's a couple of pictures.


Today was kinda different day. I didn't prepared the salad buffet but, I prepared the foods for the lunch. The head chef let me do it by my self, wiith a little bit of help ofcourse. I cut the pork, grilled it a bit the but it in the oven. I also made mashed potatoes, boil the pasta, sauted the vagetables, heat the sauce. I also made the cod fish. But I wasn't able to lay out the dishes because I went home early. I was so busy that's why I wasn't able to take pictures. Anyway, It was a nice experience, really nice. :)


Heyyy! It was a nice day at work today.I started by putting the bread into the oven. Then I boiled potatoes. After that I made the foods for lunch. The meat was already done I just grilled it and put it in the oven. Same with the salmon, I just cut it, put some salt and pepper the put into the oven. I made pasta sauce and mushroom sauce. I was kinda out of time but it went well. After preparing lunch I was laying out portions and it was nice because we had enough things to do.


So happy about the compliment about the mushroom sauce I made yesterday. Luis told me he got feedbacks from the customers that the sauce was fantastic. Anyway, today I made a kassler-potato gratin and I made cod fish with some mushrooms, feta, and pesto on top. I cut meat and made marinade for it. Then I was laying out portions.


Today we went Stockholm. We looked around Stockholm with the group and then we ate lunch. We did a little bit of shopping. Then I was with my friend who lives in Stockholm, we went to the movies and watch The Maze Runner. It was a nice movie. We weresupposed to eat but then the group was leaving already and I don't want to ride the train alone so I left with them. I had a great time :)


Today we had Christmas table, so it was kinda busy in the kitchen today. There was a lot of food. We  prepared them in the kitchen and we also set everything up in the Christmas table. It was really nice to do this kind of things. 


Mondayyy! I can't believe this is gonna be our last week here in Eskilstuna. Time flies so fast! I want to stay a little bit more but the same time I'm also excited to go back to Finland to see my family and friends. Anyway, I made the foods for lunch all by myself. I started with boiling the potatoes and putting the bread in the oven. Then I cut the meet fried them for a while then put in th oven. I made pasta sauce and egg sauce. After that I prepared the fish. Then when everything was ready, we just waited for th orders. It was quite busy in the restaurant today so they helped me in laying out the portions. It is realy nice working there.


I started by boiling potatoes then put the bread into the oven, like everyday. After that we made potato pancake. Then I fried bacon to go with it and we served it with lingon. Then I cut the salmon and put it in the oven. When everything's ready, I was just waiting for the orders to come and I was just laying out portions. It was a nice day. :)


Today I prepared the lunch alone. I started by boiling potatoes. Then I put the bread into the oven. I made pasta sauce. I cut paprika and mushrooms. Then I roasted the potatoes in the oven. They have is student night and there was like taco buffet and i also helped in preparing that. Then I went home and take a nap. And I dropped by in the again, I was also elping with the chistmas table. It was a fun day.


Last day in my work placement today. Time went by so fast. So I was working with Nikita in unch. we were preparing lunch. We had grilled chicken with creme fraiche and bbq sauce served with roasted potatoes. And cod fish with feta cheese and tomato on top served with boiled potatoes.

In the evening we had this "goodbye" party for usand it was so much fun. I prepared filipino foods for my colleagues and Nikita helped me also. I made beef caldereta and and chicken adobo. I'm so glad they really liked and enjoyed it.

They even prapared te table and it was so sweet. I will really miss working with them. It has been amazing 5 weeks.


Today we are flying back to Finland. I have learned a lot from this trip not only in the kitchen but also dealing with other people. I would probably be happy to be in this kind of project again. I want to stay a little bit more longer but then I'm so excited at the same time to see my family and friends. So now, back to reality! :)

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  1. Sounds like that it was a good evening. Did you have any time take the pictures?

  2. Hi Coleen, I'm sure that tomorrow's lunch hour goes smoothly :) And what is your basic stuffs named????

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  3. hello! Well, as you can read from my previous blog, I was not able to work because we had to close the restaurant in lunch time. So I'm just in the hotel right now.

  4. Hei thats ok. Sometimes It happened in restaurant business :)

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  6. Awesome photos ! You have made a great work :) How was your school day?

  7. Great work :) What have you learned so far?