Daniel Vuolle

Third day in Eskilstuna.

We went to Biif with our teachers from Finland, to do some lame paperwork..
I'm not working today, cos we are going for dinner with our Group.

About yesterday.. I was working from 14pm to 22pm and thats gonna be my working hours everyday.
The Place was awesome, or the chefs was. Super Tiny kitchen and like 300 main Courses on saturdays? Fresh and high quality food with NICE layouts. They do every single thing by themselves, even the Burgers. We minced the meats (70% of meat with more fat and 30% meat with more flavour) and then we added just just water and salt. Simple but nothing like i'm used to do.
The chefs and cooks we're rlly nice and i felt like i'm welcome in there. I Think this was more than right Place for me:) I love meat and thats what there is, a lot.
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Today i made some chicken breast, more burgers, from 4 different parts of beef this time. Also i packed the meats with vacuum machine and did some preps for tomorrrow.

We have three different kind of desserts and ill start making those tomorrow.

 Heres our chefs Totti and Andreas.

Just woke up and ill start my day soon.
the weekend was kinda busy for me but i really like to be there. I learn new shit and gain more experience of how i should work in a restaurant. On friday i made the desserts and some starters, yesterday i made potetoes and vegetables for dishes.

I had a really long day, and im going to sleep. A was at school and went straight to work from there.
we made some food for the teachers in here, and heres the pictures, good night.


Sunday done and so on...
we have to make 8000 meatballs with niko and 4000 is done.
yesterday i was in the service making the potatoes and sides for all the main cources.
today wasnt too busy so i did all kinda things and cleaned some places.

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  1. That's excellent to hear :) Clearly I can see that you work methods are improving.

  2. Kirjoittaja on poistanut tämän kommentin.

  3. Hej Daniel! Läget? Bra, hoppas jag. Roligt att läsa att du trivs så bra på Biff. Har du lärt dig några nya svenska ord eller uttryck? Ha det bra även i fortsättningen! Hälsningar, Minna