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Our first day here in Eskilstuna were much funnier than I tought. Even I were little tired because of early morning and the time we were waiting everything (airplane, buss, train..) the day went well and I'm happy to be here. The language is still little hard for me, but I'll try to speak it anyway. The hotel were we are living is very good and I like it a lot! My work placement, Hotel Elite, were very fine and I'm waiting a lot for my first workday which is tomorrow! Let's see how it will go ;)



Wow! My first day were so nice, i like it a lot! There is very good and social workgroup. Kithcen is very big and almost everything there is quit a new (equipments and so on…).
So we had lunch and we had to make portions for 200 people. It went so that first we put all the plates to the table and then everyone had one ingredient to put on the plate. After that the  waiter came and take it to the customers. So we did 200 portions in 15 minutes which is pretty good I think :D. My work placement place is very good and I will defenetly enjoy to be there next two months ! See ya!


Today was a nice day to work. I made some cannellons. I cut the pasta exactly the same sice and filled them with ratatouille and with sauce which i made. It contained milk, flour, melted butter, some pepper, salt and some parmesan cheese. It was so good…yammy! I did 4 big bowls full of salad and i helped to make lunch! The other chef did some lobster soap…it smelled so good too :D At evening we went eat in restaurant which has severals trophies, 2008- best swedish restaurant for example. We get first just a bread with horseradish butter.I like it a lot! The starter were garlic bread with forest mushroom soap. Ahh it was very delicious ! The second starter were some shrimp mass, roe, some red onion and lemon. It wasn't my favorite but it was still good. And Main course  were pepper steak with some cooked and fried potatoes with some vegetables. Beef was very good but i do not like pepper so much, so on my opinion is that it had maybe little too much pepper…but it was pepper steak so.. :D For dessert we get some dark chocolate which had some chili in it, and little salt on it…it was really small piece, but very filling. The menu were perfect ! 
And the decoration of the restaurant were very nice, little old style but maybe that's why I like it. Forks, knifes and spoons were hammered…cool…
So it was really nice day and I like it a lot!


31.10 - 4.11
This weekend was really nice! On friday we were bowling and it was funny even i lost it. At the weekend we just hanged out in the town and watched couple movies in hotel, it don't maybe sound like a fun but it was !


5.11 - 7.11
Hello again! For a last couple days I've been in the heat side and the 'cold' side making portions. I've noticed that I like more to be in the warm side. I made some cannelloni with some ratatouille sauce in it.  This week has went so fast again and weekend is here! The group who I work with, is awesome!! I like them a lot :) Here's couple pictures from the kitchen;


In this week I have done for example 150 dishes starter-, main course- and desserts. Then I also made 3-course menu for 5persons. Starter contained fresh shrimps with aioli, smoked reindeer and some cheesecake. For the main course was grilled bulls filé, little vegetables and parmesan potato cake with some green peppersauce and dijon-senap cream sauce. Dessert was black crowberry pie with vanilla sauce and little bit of white chocolate
….…and you also need some energy that you can work along the day ;)


13.11 - 14.11
Again is one week behind me and I don't know why but I'm feeling great! Workdays just go so fast and suddenly it's weekend again. There's lot of work in kitchen, but gladly it is very fun and pleasant for me! Some part of the work is like routine for me, and i can do some things in spontaneously. In warm side the initiative is kind of easy for me, because when they show me once how to do some portions, I just remember that how did it go and then I just do that when customers come and order something ;) Now I have weekend off so I'm just going to ''koppla av'' as they say here in Sweden !

Four weeks behind, four weeks left!

17.11 - 20.11

So four weeks has gone, but there's still four weeks left! Now i can basically do parmesan potato cakes and cannelons with ratatouille and béchamel filling by my own. Next week is going to be little busy. We have this christmas buffe plus everything else what normally. But this buffet contains something like a 155 different kind of foods…so it will be a little busy in the kitchen.
Here's a couple pictures from last week!

Christmas Table

24.11 - 28.11

In this week we started to make almost 3 weeks lasting christmas table which includes 155 different kind of dishes. The menu is by famous swedish chef Melker Andersson. The same menu is in every Elite hotel, in whole sweden. We have about 260 customer places in Eskilstuna, and the same time we make other orders and lunch & dinner orders also. I think it's very interesting to get to know on and make traditional swedish christmas food and learn more about them. The knowledge will be very useful for me and I can maybe even exploit it in finland! We were also eating dinner in restaurant called Biff Grill & Bar. Here's some more pics!

Stockholm, Ambassador's ''palace'' !

1.12 - 2.12

W.O.W…..I have no words to express my feelings now…

..so at this moment I'm working in finnish ambassadors 'house' in Stockholm…okey let's be honest, you just can't call this as a house, it's like a castle ! I'm here with my friend and we are helping in kitchen to make very good, delicious and good looking food to independence day party. Normally finnish independence day is 6.12, but here in Sweden we are celebrating it at 4.12 because ambassadors have to be in Finland celebrating it when it's normally. 

Today prepared over 830 chocolate-oat balls which contained little bit of rom, coffee and coconut kibble, but are going to put the coconut on top of them tomorrow. Then we cut like little over two hours different kind of cheeses. And here the cleaness is so important and I like it a lot because I'm that kind of person that i don't like at all if the places are dirty, even just a little and it  is annoys me already. So here I will keep the places very clean and I like that! Even the head chef is like friend to me already, I just get along with him very well. I'm so exited about this opportunity and i will utilize all information i will got from here and use it well!

…more pics coming soon ;)

Independence Day

3.12 - 4.12

Independence day went very well! Maybe I first assume too much pressure for me, but gladly I was wrong. We did food for 500 people and I was in my ''own kitchen'' other side of the house. There I filled up if something was going to end. If there was something we didn't have enough, then I make it more. I'm so thankful for this opportunity! It was very instructive :)

…Back to Elite 


And back to Eskilstuna, Elite Hotell! There I prepared 3-course menu for 300 people and Christmas Table for about 170 people. My weakness has always been doing these egg shapes mass for example with ice-cream. Now i got little train when I did 20 egg shaped with butter! It looks so easy to do it, but it's not…for me :D But I can't learn it without training it! And I also did quite big blunder..I put the trays in some kind of  wagon, and suddenly that wagon somehow went broke an all my 500 eggs what I've made over three hours dropped on the floor..and then i started all over again :D And I counted that then I made over 2 080 these egg starters in 24 hours…wow 

Skills Demonstration day !


I did 3-course menu for 10 people and I started the preparing day before wednesday. First I did very small cubes from celery and potato. After that I did cheesecake which was made of Västerbotten - cheese. 

Starter was Baltic herrings roe with whipped crème fraiche, chopped red onion, chives, lemon and cheesecake made of Västerbotten - cheese.  

For the Maincourse, I had calf file with rosépeppar sauce, rosted beans and potatoes & celery boiled in cream.

Dessert was apple pie with vanilla sauce and some mixed berry sauce.


11.12 - 13.12

At this week I was mostly in the ''warm side'' and I made dishes to customers. It has been very nice to have this opportunity to work here in Sweden. Tomorrow starts my second last workday and I will still do my best ! 

Last days !

16.12 - 17.12
here we are…almost two months I've been working here in Sweden and now it's time to say goodbye and go back to Finland! I've learned so much new things in kitchen and learned also much better way to speak swedish. I remember at the first day when I thought everything looks so hard and difficult to do, but now by the time and with doing I think it's not so difficult than I first thought. Like here you can see how we did over 200 dishes under 15minutes, and when i first saw they doing that i was like ''wow'' , but now I think it's kind a basic to do that. 
Like I said, I've learned so much here and I'm gonna miss these people and this place, but maybe I will come back ;) 

Vi hörs !!

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  1. Thanks, you have made a good job. I am happy to read your blog updates. Remember to add new Swedish- speaking words along you learn them.

  2. Nice photos & really cool video on Instagram :)

  3. Hej Micke! Du har tagit fantastiska bilder! Jag hoppas att du trivs bra på jobbet. Du har säkert lärt dig en massa nya saker och blivit mer van vid att använda svenska både på jobbet och på fritiden, eller hur? Ha det bra, Minna

    1. hahaha! :D Tack, och ja, men ibland det är så svårt talar svensk att jag måste använd engelska :') Jag försöka talar mera svensk på jobbet och på fritiden!!

  4. Good work. Next time in your blog post tell me something you've learned so far?