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Second day in Eskilstuna and first day at work. I'm working in Tingsgården. The restaurant is very nice and I like my workmates alot. I started at morning making main courses for the lunch. I made sausages filled with bacon, tomatoes and mustard then I made white fish filled with kapris.

In evening we were just walking around in Eskilstuna.


Hey everyone! This day started with making stroganoff. Oh that was sooo delicious :D After that I was just helping other cooks like making some souce..

Now we are going to eat in Jesse's restaurant. I don't remember the restaurants name x) But after we eat we are going till bastu (sauna)



 Hello! Today I made steaks with smashed potatos and white fish with boiled potatos. It was nice day and in the evening me and Matta are going to buy some candys and watch some movies :p


Today work started later so I was just laying out dishes. Later we went to bowling.


This day we had 5 cooks in kitchen so there wasn't so hurry even today in our restaurant were wedding. I helped to prepare food and I lay out dishes. In evening I was so tired that I was just in hotel.

2.11.2014      3.11.2014

These days were free. I was just in hotel relaxing.


In the morning we were eating in chinese restaurant with Daniel. Work started at 4 and I started prepare for the a la carte. I made sauces and all the stuff what need to evening. Later I lay out dishes.


Today we had only 2 customers in our restaurant so the day was little boring. But we just made some snacks of goats cheese what we ate our self.


Restautant was closed so I didn't work


Day wasn't so busy but I made the preparation and and lay out dishes.


Today was busy day. I made preparation. Then I lay out dishes. I made starters after when customers were coming more I started make main dishes. I don't remember how many people was today eating but many.

9.11.2014     10.11.2014

Free days. My father came to see me so I take them eat to my restaurant and we were just driving around Eskilstuna.


Today I was in school making food. I made sevitse, white fish and mushroom sauce. Customers were like 20 and I made the main dishes, Miku and Noona made starters and deserts.


Today wasn't busy so there was like 10 customers. I made all the starters and helped with main dishes.


Friday was like yesterday but busyer. I lay out the main dishes.


Today we had Greece party at evening. There was like 80 peoples so today was really busy day. We served them salad and tsatsiki. Main food was fries with chicken, pork and flap meat. And it make more harder to serve customers and the Greecs at the same time. But it was a good day.


Today we were doing preparation to christmas table. We didn't have any customers so i just  made many different swedish christmas foods.

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  1. Hei Nikita you have done updates daily and that great but have you taken any photos to share?

  2. Hej Nikita! Hur är läget? Vad roligt att din pappa var och hälsade på dig! Har du lärt dig några nya svenska ord? Ha det bra! Hälsningar, Minna

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