Niko Junni

29.10. Yesterday was my first my day at work in Pitchers pub & restaurant , I was pretty surprised positively staff was kind and friendly , food was good and kitchen was perfect.

 Today i made 175 portions on lunch and i did  misemblas bearnaisésauce all the way from start , fried chicken and cutted Salmon to filé. We served today Salmon with potatos , shrimps and hollaindaisésauce , different hamburgers and meatballs with potatopyré.

03.11. Today was a good day. I was in nightshift and first day to be in a grill. I did entrecoté in redwinesauce with sidedish.

06.11. I was at swedish school with the Daniel and we was first ones who made our menu it worked and went perfectly. We made for the starters ceviche from the salmon and mangosalsa with crispy full wheat tortilla. Main course we made roasted vegetables , mushroomsauce and snapper fish and the desserts daniel made really good halvtorn cake. Cant remember the english name :D

07.11. I was at work whole day the lunch and the evening. More I work more i can do in my workplacement they let me be in the hotspot of kitchen sending plates out and making them.

09.11.  I got a job from place called Grill & Bar Biff it is one of the most famous restaurants in eskilstuna. I wanted to change place because I will learn more in Biff.

24.11. Last week we made meatballs for whole months christmas table reservations and preparing other stuffs too to christmas table. I really like work in Grill & Bar Biff last two weeks have been amazing seen new ways to cook the food and working with real professionals. My head-chef is only 22 years old what motivates me a lot I have working almost everyday now and usually i start 11-13 and leave 22.00-23.00.
26.11 I have learned in Biff to cook really good way to make meat I can handle now how to make meat rare , medium rare , medium , medium-well. I have also learned to work in kitchen better and faster. I have also learned coupple different recipes one is cremé brulee in Biff its best in town :D.
                                                         Once upon time meatballs...

                                      Tiger shrimp pasta with parmesan in restaurant grappa. 5/5.

                                                              Toast skagen by Biff

                                 This was ours way to offer starters or main courses to families

                                                           Carpachio for 2 persons

                                          I was helping with making the christmas-table

                                         .... And here is some sweets from christmas-table

                                                                   desserts :)

I had a great time in Sweden and learned a lot. If i can say anything to anyone just go and travel it´s like putting money on bank :).....

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  1. Hei Niko Eli tässä tämä, Kansainvälinen harjoittelu opiskelijoille ja vastavalmistuneille...

  2. Tjena Niko! Hur är läget? Bra, hoppas jag. Vad roligt att menyn som ni lagade i skolan lyckades så väl, fint jobbat! Hur går med svenskan, har du lärt dig något nytt? Ha det bra! Hälsningar, Minna