Noona Lahtinen

27.10 Hey all! In the morning we met the Helsinki-vantaa airport at five O'Clock. Our flight Sweden took 6.55 Finnish time. Stockholm we had a cup coffee and came by train to Eskilstuna. Eskilstuna seems like a great place and I believe that I will enjoy your stay here.

28.10 Hey. Today, I was able to see my job place. It seems a nice place. In the morning I was introduced to all the places in the kitchen and then I was able to fry the bacon and potato pancakes.

29.10 Today i made a tomato sauce, chicken bread crumbs and tomorrow pancake dough.  We went to the shop to buy supplies, and at the same time we took the food dishes. 30.10 Today I started 7.30. At first I made pancakes, then i made a cabbage box Swedish style and then i made a cabbage salad. I cleaned the mushrooms for the soup tomorrow.

13.11 In the morning, i made pea soup and then i cut vegetables. Then i fry pancakes. 31.10 I started my day making pancakes dough and bake them. Then i baked for sreaks. End of the day, i mostly wash. Now i have a weekend of holiday 3.11 Today I made minced meat steaks.

After which I made a grated carrot. After that I made a cabbage salad. I cut the meat ready for tomorrow.

4.11 Today, we made the meat sauce and then baked the rest of the day with bacon and potato pancakes. Finally, we cleaned the kitchen.

6.11 Today i made ground peef steak, grated carrots and cut carrots ready for Tomorrow. And Baker a lot of pancakes.

7.11 Today i faried pankeiks. After that i cut potatos and faried them. I cut a meat, farit it and put in the oven. I Sid tomato sauce for Chiken. After that i cleaned the kitchen and now start the weekend.

11.11 Today I made potato pancaks adbaeb bread.

12.11 Today I, Nikita and Mikael went to Scholl and se did a menu which se desing in Finland. The day going so fast and everything going wery Well.

17.11This morning I made a bolognese sauce, and after that I made ground beef patties. Baked potatoes and I cleaned the kitchen.

18.11 Today i made Porato pancakes and baked Bacon at tue sake time. After that i cut the onions and pepper for tomorrow. 19.11 Today, i made a pepper sauce and meat sauce, and after that i made a baked potatoes. In the afternoon, i made a cabbage salad and cutthe meat for tomorrow.

20.11 In the morning i made a bolognese sauce and then i made pancakes dough. I made bread and baked them. Tomorrow we go to Stockholm.

25.11 In the morning i made a grated crrot, then i cut red pepper, onion and zucchini and i did a vegetable suce. Then i bakeb Bacon and potato pancakes. Se Dent shopping for meat, vegetbles and other necessary

7 kommenttia:

  1. Great work, but remember updates your blog

  2. Hej Noona! Du har tagit fina bilder! Hoppas du trivs på jobbet. Har du lärt dig några svenska ord eller uttryck? Lycka till även i fortsättningen! Hälsningar, Minna
    (Hienoja kuvia, toivottavasti viihdyt töissä ja olet oppinut hieman ruotsiakin. Kaikkea hyvää sinulle!)

    1. Hej! Tack så mycke! Jag kan tala lite svenska och Jag lär hela tiden.

  3. Looks like that your school day was great :) Nice photos.

  4. Looks good thanks :) Have a great day tomorrow in Stockholm!