Roosa Kolehmainen

Today was my first day at work. I'm working at restaurant Pitchers whit Niko. It looks and feels nice place. We didn't have dishwasher at work because he was sick so i do the dishes a lot. I also made different missenplas, like salad. And i fry bacon and steaks.
People there feels very nice and there is one person who speak Finnish so she can help translate if i don't understand.

Today was really really busy day and again the dishwasher guy was sick so today i do more dishes than yesterday because nobody was not able to do those. I do a lot salmon, i cut pieces of it and put white wine, salt, pepper and lemon on it and then it went to the oven and it was one of the days lunch meals. It ended all the time so made it many times at the day. I get more into the people over there. There are one women who is very nice and speaks a lot which is inspiring and very nice because i like to speak to people and get to know them.

Today i was in the hot kitchen so i lift doses. It was quite fun and time past by really quickly.
I did hamburgers whit fries, chicken whit potatoes, carrot and dressing, fish whit potatoes, salad, lemon and dressing, pasta whit seafood, parmesan cheese and dressing and some another things.
I also fried beefs ready for the hamburgers and in the morning i made the salad buffet. Luckily the dishwasher man came to work so i didn't have to do the dishes. Rest of the day was really quiet and we didn't have nothing to do.

I'm sorry i haven't written here lately.. but now i have a lot of pictures!

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  1. Hej Roosa! Hur är läget? Hoppas du trivs på jobbet. Jättefina bilder - jag blev hungrig! Har du talat svenska på jobbet? Lycka till även i fortsättningen! Hälsningar, Minna